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Interview: Mike Newman Pt 2 - #057

In this episode, I continue my interview with Mike Newman, the Managing Editor for the website / newsletter / online store Cool Material. If you haven't listened to the first part of this interview, I highly encourage you to go back to episode 56 and listen to part 1.

In part 2, we talk about being true to yourself in business, sharing a great experience with his dad through work, the history of the world according to facebook and keeping up with the internet.

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Assessments - #052

If you search the internet for personality assessments, you won't find a shortage of results. I've found that a lot of people aren't quite sure where to start or which ones to take. I'll go over a few of my favorites, the results they give, and why I recommend them to people.

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Your DNA - #050

I've talked about DNA in the past and what I think has been missing from that topic is an example of how that looks in practice. In this episode, I want to give a practical example of how your DNA may or may not be a fit for an organization or a role.

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