Loving What You Do - Do You Feel Fulfilled at Work? - #046

Loving What You Do - Do You Feel Fulfilled at Work? - #046


Symptom number five is the exact opposite of symptom number four. Instead of not accomplishing things, you have actually found something you are good at and can make money doing, but do you love it? At the end of the day when you hit the mark and accomplish everything you needed to for that day, does it feel like you accomplished something meaningful?


It is Friday February 23rd and I'm Josh Newton.

Welcome to the I'm Josh Newton Show where it is all about putting your potential into practice. Today we're going to talk about symptom number 5 that you are operating outside of your strengths.

This symptom is essentially the exact opposite of the last symptom that we talked about where you're putting a lot of effort in and you're not getting things done. In symptom number 5 what's happening is, you are actually accomplishing your goals you're getting stuff done you may even be hitting on your marks at work going above and beyond or something like that but, you don't feel fulfilled you still have this angst you still have this part of you that doesn't love what you do and can't figure out why.

If I go back to my story, which I often do in the symptom series because these are a lot of things that I was experiencing when I was actually doing application support for a consulting company here in the Pittsburgh area, and this is also something that happened to me all along with symptom number four. And so there's actually times where I was working really really hard I wasn't getting things accomplished and I felt like I was drained and the amount of effort I put in was completely disproportionate to the results that I was getting but they're also times where I was doing stuff that I was actually pretty good at, I was accomplishing things, I may have been hitting the mark, but at the end of the day I still was trying to figure out exactly why any of this mattered and why I felt like I really wasn't accomplishing anything really important to me.

If you go back to our framework for finding your dream job or you're calling, there's three things you have to have for that job to fit it. You have to love it, you have to be good at it, and you have to be able to make money doing it. And so if you look at this situation if you look at what I'm talking about in symptom number 5 here this is going to be stuff that you're good at, where you can make money but you don't love it.

And I want to make one distinction hear about this fulfillment aspect, about this loving your job aspect. I think a lot of people hear this and think you know I'm suggesting you go work for a company like Toms shoes or Life water or somebody who's really doing something very altruistic. There are opportunities to do something you love and you feel like you're making an impact, where you don't actually have to work for a company that kind of borders on the nonprofit side of things. So I don't want people to think that when I talk about being fulfilled or feel like you have a purpose and stuff like that, it actually doesn't always have to do with doing something altruistic or the feels like nonprofit or is kind of in the almost Social Services aspect of business. There's a lot of Merit to things like social entrepreneurship and creating companies that give away all their profits to a certain nonprofit organization or charity but if that's the only thing you're focused on, you still might be missing the mark especially when it comes to your DNA and what you're supposed to be doing. That work that you were designed for. So I may be mixing a little bit of my philosophical view on how I think the world works and stuff like that into this but if you're listening to this I'm assuming you're actually interested in my opinion to some degree as well.

I'm going to use an example that may surprise people that actually probably won't surprise to many people and that is Apple. So Apple computer, I think, gets thrown around a lot with this idea of an ideal business or you know a place that you might want to work or Steve Jobs being somebody to really chase this passion and stuff like that but I want to use it in a slightly different way. When we're talking about feeling fulfilled and feeling like your work matters and feel like it fits who you are, like I said, it doesn't always have to be an altruistic goal that the company you're working for is going after. A company like apple is focused on profits and revenue and they very much operate like a business they want to make money, but at the same time they actually have a purpose, they have a reason why that company exist and it's a worthwhile one.

They're trying to bring design craftsmanship and beautiful products to people in their everyday lives and this is definitely a worthwhile goal but it's also not something like and I'll use, I think the class example everybody's aware of, like Toms Shoes. Who is yes, selling shoes but they're creating a revenue stream that they are intent on giving away to other people. And just because your company doesn't do that doesn't mean you can't feel fulfilled in the job and  in the role that you have.

So you think of your job and the role that you have right now, even if you're really good at it, are you able to check this third box on it being a calling or a dream job? Do you feel fulfilled at the end of the day not just like you've accomplished something you've checked off the list but you actually accomplish something that means something to you.

If you can't check off this third box this symptom applies to you and like in a lot of these other symptoms I would encourage you to take a look at maybe some other opportunities that are out there, maybe some things that you've dismissed because you've been thinking, 'I'm pretty good at my job I don't want to make a change.' Take a look at some of those things that might check off this third thing on the list for you. Those things that might make you feel fulfilled that you'll really love to do that you enjoy doing, not just that you're good at.

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