Your Comfort Zone - What Is it Costing You? - #043


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As I've been working through this series on the symptoms of operating outside of your strengths, it got me thinking about why people may not make a change even if they realize they are operating outside of their strengths. I'm sure someone else has encouraged you to get outside of your comfort zone before but have you considered the opportunity cost of your comfort zone?


It is Friday February 16th and I'm Josh Newton.

Welcome to the I'm Josh Newton Show where it is all about putting your potential into practice. Today I want to talk a little bit about your comfort zone.

As I've been going through this series about the symptoms of operating outside of your strengths, one of the things I've thought about it a little bit is why people don't make a change, even if they've realized that they're in a situation that doesn't leverage their strengths, they're in a situation where they don't love what they're doing. One of the reasons people often stay, and you'll hear this from other people as well, is because they have a comfort zone. They have a place where they're used to what's going on. And it doesn't just happen with a job career change or something like that, this is a constant issue with change in general. People get comfortable with the way things are and they develop this comfort zone where things are familiar and they can kind of anticipate what's going on and the results that they are going to get, even if they aren't good results, even if it's not a positive experience at least it's known.

People in general have this fear of the unknown and that's what really keeps people from getting outside of their comfort zones is this familiarity with how things work, the way things are going to operate, and the results that you're going to get even if they aren't the results that you want.

A conversation with a friend of mine recently made me realize one of the consequences of not getting outside of your comfort zone and not trying new things and not exploring the situation that is fully leveraging who you are. And that is that you'll never really realize the true power and the full extent of who you are naturally and your innate abilities. To say it differently or to say it a little bit more simple, your comfort zone is keeping you from fully leveraging your DNA and your innate abilities.

So you think about this comfort zone that you might have, think about it in this way: there's an opportunity cost to not fully exploring who you are and how your innate abilities really bring the most value If you aren't trying out different things, if you're not exploring some of the opportunities that might be out there to fully leverage who you are, you're missing out on a lot of possibilities just to stay in a situation that isn't fully leveraging who you are.

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