Relationships - Are They Helping or Hindering You? - #042

Relationships - Are They Helping or Hindering You? - #042


In this Valentine's Day episode of the podcast, I'll talk about the power of relationships and the role they play in this journey of life. I also want to take the opportunity to thank my wife, who has been an awesome support for me over the years.


It is Wednesday February 14th and I'm Josh Newton.

Welcome to the I'm Josh Newton show where it is all about putting your potential into practice. Today being February 14th, it is Valentine's Day. So on this Valentine's Day episode of the podcast I want to talk a little bit about, relationships. I also want to take this opportunity to just say thank you to my wife. She has been an awesome support throughout the years and as you know from the podcast I really believe this whole thing is a process, it's a journey. There's so much stuff that we're just constantly figuring out about ourselves and what we're supposed to be doing with our lives and finding that work that we are really supposed to do. And my wife has just been through all of that with me through a lot of different job changes, through me thinking I have things figured out, thinking I didn't have things figured out, and all kinds of ups and downs that we've been through throughout the years. She has been an awesome support through all of that and I just can't thank her enough for being there through all of that.

That really brings me at to my topic of discussion for this episode. Relationships, whether they are romantic relationships, friend relationships, mentoring relationships, work colleagues, or just your family, are such an important piece of this whole process in this whole journey to figure out who you are and what is that work that you're meant to do.

There are so many things that your relationships provide to that process and to that journey. A lot of those people that. You have in your life again whether they're romantic relationships or just your family those are the people that probably know you best and they are the people that you really need to rely on to understand who you are.

Self-awareness and really understanding your strengths and your innate abilities, all of that is very difficult to do just on your own and it usually takes some sort of outside perspective from somebody who's very close to you, a very close relationship, to really figure out especially the nuances in the details of some of what makes you who you are.

This doesn't happen to me a ton but every once in awhile when I'm doing some sort of assessment work and coaching with somebody, I'll get somebody who really disagrees with their results on certain assessments. My first response to that person is always well you're the one who took it not me but, the second piece of advice that I give them and it's much more helpful is, take the results home think about it a little bit and also find somebody who is very close to you, and that again could be a relative, it could be a significant other, it could be a spouse, but find somebody who you think really knows you well and read the result to them. In almost every single one of these circumstances what ends up happening is that person comes back and tells me well I was wrong. I was able to talk to somebody whether that was their spouse or significant other their brother that they're really close with and that person confirms everything that those assessment results say about them.

This is one of the really important roles that relationships play in our lives. Sometimes people are able to see what we're doing and understand how we operate better than we can know ourselves. This could be different depending on your personality but for a lot of people they really need that outside perspective and that kind of coaching perspective that be able to watch you do what you do and,
report back to you what's really happening in that moment.

One of the other major roles that relationships play is this support piece that I mentioned at the beginning of the podcast. If you're really making a go of something, if you're making a major life shift, it's really important to have, hopefully a couple of people, but at least one person who's really in your corner and is really cheering you on and has your back throughout that entire process. For me, this has been my wife, again this doesn't have to be a romantic relationship, this can be a really close friend it can be a family member it can be another work colleague, it can be somebody else who's in that same point in their life where they're making a major change to their career, finding their passion, and really making a decision to do something that they love.

So since it is Valentine's Day and this is a day that we typically reflect on relationships, primarily of a romantic sort, just take a look at the relationships in your life and if you have people that are supporting you who have your back, who are being that sounding board or that outside perspective to help you figure out yourself, take the opportunity to thank those people and let them know that you really appreciate them.

If you're looking at your relationships and you don't really have those types of people in your life you, don't have people that you can really trust to give you that perspective and have your back and really support you through this journey in this process of life, think about maybe auditing that circle that you have and that might mean distancing yourself a little bit from some family members or long-term friends that just aren't a positive influence in your life. And look for some opportunities to add new relationship to your life even if you have a good circle of friends, even if you have people that you trust in that have your back it's always great to look at your network and expand that to some new people, to learn something from somebody else who has a different point of view has some different experiences. So, adding new relationships and learning from new people are always good ideas.

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