Interview: Doug Wilson Pt 1 - Operating a 'thought studio' and why people aren't resources - #039


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In this episode, I interview Doug Wilson, a former F1000 executive with years of experience in the people / HR departments of several large organizations. In part 1, we talk about why Doug doesn't like to refer to people as resources or capital, running a 'thought studio' and why he thought being transferred to people department of an organization was a punishment.



It is Wednesday February 7th and I'm Josh Newton.

Welcome to the I'm Josh Newton Show where it is all about putting your potential into practice.

Today we have an interview and I hope this is actually going to be the first of many insightful inspiring and hopefully interesting conversations that I get to have with people who have really figured out who they are and are putting that to work in a job that really fits who they are and have really found their calling, they're passion, or whatever you want to call that life work that you're supposed to do and today we're going to have the very first one and that is with Doug Wilson.

Doug has become a pretty good friend of mine over the past couple of months and we're going to dive into a couple of topics that we've talked about here and there. We're going to talk about why Doug doesn't like to use the words human resources or human capital when talking about the people space, how he's running a Thought Studio currently, and why he thought that being transferred to the HR department or the people Department within an organization was a punishment instead of a reward.

Interview - Transcription Not Available 


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