Symptoms Pt 2 - Are You Operating Out of Your Strengths? - #038

Symptoms Pt 2 - Are You Operating Out of Your Strengths? - #038


We are going to continue our series on symptoms of not operating out of your strengths. Today I cover another one that really hits home for me and has become a pet peeve of mine over the past couple of years. Not because I don't understand why people do it but because I know how it feels.


It is Monday February 5th and I'm Josh Newton.

Welcome to the I'm Josh Newton show where it is all about putting your potential into practice. And today we're continuing our little series on symptoms that you're not operating out of your strengths.

Symptom number 2 is dreading Mondays, or constantly looking forward to and praising the idea of it being Friday.

Over the past couple of years this has become a bit of a pet peeve of mine. When people are overly down on Mondays or they say some of those cliche things about Monday or they talk about the Monday blues or something like that. And the other side of this is when people are always talking about Friday like, yeah well at least it's Friday or you know what tomorrow is Friday. It seems like no matter how far away we are from Friday somehow Friday is like the light at the end of the tunnel or it's the the life-giving part of a week but it really shouldn't be that way.

I know I said this is a bit of a pet peeve of mine but to be honest I've really taken the approach lately where I've started to understand why people think this way and you know to be honest it's not even just empathizing with them but I can really sympathize with this feeling this dread that happens on a Sunday night or Monday morning when you realize that you have to go to work and you're going to be spending most of your week, at least 40 hours and from most people more like 50 to 60 hours is probably the reality, in a situation that just sucks. It's draining for you it's not something that you're looking forward to at all and you're probably not able to even focus on some of the parts that you like about it. Instead, it's a constant fight with those feelings of dread and that frustration and that, you know honestly it becomes a bit of a fearful, thing at least in my experience where you're just you're worried about what's going to happen this week. 

I can totally sympathize with people. And that's one of the things that I'm really passionate about and I'm really trying to fix with this project and this podcast is helping people who find themselves in that situation where they really dread their work they dread their work week and they talk about the Monday blues are they looking for Friday is as light at the end of the tunnel.

instead of really living for the weekend and dreading the week I think if you are in the position that you really should be in and your operating out of your DNA and your strengths and you've really found something that you love, which I know might be a foreign concept to some people because a job to most people it just something you suffer through to get to those things you enjoying life. It really doesn't have to be that way and it really shouldn't be that way. That's really my passion in my interest in creating this podcast and putting the stuff out there for anybody who's listening, Is to let people know number one it doesn't have to be that way you don't have to dread Monday you don't have to live your entire week for Wednesday being the middle of the week and you're halfway there and Friday being this saving grace in this relief that you experience at the end of the week.

There are so many opportunities for people to do what they love and there's absolutely, I believe, something out there for every single person that they should be doing that is a fit for who they are and it combines not just their skills and the things that they know how to do but their passions and maybe even their hobbies in the type of stuff that they never thought of as bringing them income or producing revenue for them. I really believe there's, like I talked about in the past, this intersection of what you love, what you do well, and being able to turn that into a job, into a vocation, something you can make money at. And I can tell you from my experience, it's totally worth either taking a pay cut or dealing with out other things to spend 40, 50, 60 hours of your life every week not dreading it but loving it. It's totally worth it.

I know that's really hard for a lot of people to understand especially when they're younger. That was very hard for me to understand initially because I was always looking for that opportunity for a bigger paycheck, to work some extra hours even though I hated it, because the take home at the end of the day at the end of the week was the thing I was really interested in and really going for. But it's so worth it to even make $5,000, $6,000, $10,000 less every year and do something that you love and not have to dread Monday. And not have to constantly be counting down the days and the hours until Friday at 5 when you can go do the stuff that you think you really want to do.

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