Failure - It's All a Matter of Perspective - #036


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Whether or not you view failure as a good or a bad thing, is all a matter of perspective. I'll talk about how that works and how you can shift the way you think about not having a job work out.


It is Wednesday January 31st and I'm Josh Newton.

Welcome to the I'm Josh Newton show where it is all about putting your potential into practice and today I want to talk about failure.

In particular I want to talk about a slightly different perspective on failure. I think when you talk about failure perspective is actually the most important thing. Depending on how you're looking at your situation and what you're trying to accomplish, you can view failure as either a good thing or a bad thing. So as we're on this journey of trying to figure out what it is that we should be doing trying to figure out ourselves, most people are getting into situations and trying jobs or vocations or projects or whatever it might be where they view failure as another time when they haven't figured out what they're supposed to be working on.

Not talked about this a bit in the past where you know I viewed my journey, looking back now, as not just a journey of trying to figure out what I should be doing but also a journey of figuring out what I shouldn't be doing.

A sales training class that I took years and years ago at this point actually really changed my point of view on this. So, in the sales training instead of constantly going for a 'yes' or thinking of yourself as trying to get a 'yes' from people they actually had you focus on getting a 'no', which actually changed the mindset that I had around sales and allowed me to view failure or not getting a sale from somebody as a positive thing. The worst thing you can get in sales is a 'maybe' because it's not a commitment to do something and it's not a commitment to not do something. Anytime you have a maybe it's this wishy-washy in between ground where you don't really know where you stand but what you do know for sure is that you don't have a sale yet. And so this idea of going for 'n'o or trying to get somebody to say 'no' so you can stop wasting your time, I think really applies to the journey and the process of figuring out your calling your dream job or whatever you want to call it.

So if failure is really a matter of perspective let's change the way we were thinking of these failures or these situations where we find ourselves not in  the dream job we're looking for not in our calling not in the intersection of what we love, what we're good at, and what we can make money at let's look at it as, figuring out what we don't want to do.

If every time you put yourself in a new job in a new project and you realize it's not a strength of yours it's not where you belong, view checking that off the list of possibilities as a success instead of a failure. If you can make this mindset shift and you can change your perspective on a quote, un quote failure, it's going to make the journey a lot easier and it's going to put you in a better situation where you're getting little wins along the way instead of collecting losses or failures along the way.

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