Your DNA - What Were You Designed to Do? - #034

Your DNA - What Were You Designed to Do? - #034


What were you designed to do? If you can uncover and get clear on the natural set of abilities and talents that you have, your DNA or design, your options become clear. I talk about why this important and give a simple example from the animal kingdom.


It is Friday January 26th and I'm Josh Newton.

Welcome to the I'm Josh Newton Show where it is all about putting your potential into practice.

Today I want to talk about the idea of your DNA or your design.

Now, when I say DNA I'm not talking about the actual scientific term of DNA, so what is the genetic makeup of you as a human being but more as a metaphor for your innate abilities and that stuff that's hard-wired into you. When we talk about design and DNA a lot of times I don't think people understand why it's so important but when you're on this journey of really trying to figure out something practical like what should your career be and what is that dream job that you should be going after and looking for, I think people don't understand how important DNA hardwiring and design is to that pursuit and that decision that you're trying to make. 

We always use this example, and it's so simple and it breaks it down to such a really low level that I wanted to share it with you guys. The example that we always uses that of a rhino. And so I'm not sure where the Rhino came from as a specific animal that we pick out and use but we always start with a rhino and we ask people you would have some characteristics of a rhino? You hear things like its size, its strength, its horn. There's the all of these characteristics of these things that are hardwired into a rhino that it has no options to change really they are just what they are for that animal. And what we do is we we use this example because as much as a rhino might look at an eagle or might look at a shark in the ocean or in the sky and say wow that looks really interesting that looks like something I'd love to do it's just not built for that. And as human beings, we have this similar set of natural abilities and natural hardwiring that aligns us to something very specific that were meant to do. And instead of really understanding what that is and focusing on that and using that to guide our career progression and our decisions for what type of companies that we join we often times find ourselves looking like in this example at people who are eagles or people who are sharks and wishing we could do those things.

The worst possible thing that happens is you get people who spend a lot of their career neurology their life a lot of their career and a lot of their life trying to be some of those other things and they completely lose sight of what that natural hardwiring and those natural abilities are that they have.

So one of my favorite parts of this exercise that we do - we also included in presentation to do at conferences and stuff like that - is asking people what's the most obvious thing that you can look at a rhino and understand about it. And oftentimes people say things like I mentioned before its size and strength, its horn but what I'm actually looking for is something even more obvious and I think this really gets to the heart of why understanding your DNA is important. A rhino is a land dweller. And it's actually why we picked the other two animals as something it might envy because one of them belongs in the sky and one of them belongs in the water. Understanding your DNA to the point of even something that basic for a rhino eliminates two-thirds of the Earth where it doesn't belong.

So if you recently motivated to chase after something you've been dreaming about for years or pursue a job that you think is your passion, I would really encourage you to do some either soul-searching or talking to other people who know you really well or finding somebody to do some sort of assessment work with you to identify what is your DNA what are your natural abilities. 

As always I would love to hear from you guys I would love to hear about your journey and your experience and if this information and this podcast is really helping you.

If you're listening to this on Anchor, you can give me a call in or leave me a comment. If you're listening to it on the podcast or on social media, you can reach out to me on Facebook Twitter or Instagram under I'm Josh Newton.


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