Pattern Interrupts - Resetting Your Negative Behaviors - #031


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We all have negative patterns of behavior. These are often ingrained in us from bad experiences or just plain repetition. To stop these patterns, we need to have a way to interrupt them and reset ourselves so that we can make better conscious decisions.


It is Friday January 19th and I'm Josh Newton.

Welcome to the I'm Josh Newton show where it is all about putting your potential into practice.

Today I want to talk about pattern interrupts.

So as I talked about in my last couple of podcasts, there's some things that when you're starting to identify your strengths you have to be aware of. One of those things is that, if you're not self-aware in almost every situation which it is very difficult to be, you can allow your strength to overextend itself and that can become a weakness. There's also areas where we might have a pattern of behavior that we're not aware of that we need to break. And there's often times something that we need to set up or something that we need to ask other people to say to us in order to interrupt that pattern.

I was having a conversation with a friend of mine the other day and we were talking a little bit about his profile and his personality. This is actually one of the things that I found really interesting: this person is very strategic, he's extremely smart, and he has a very strong sense of confidence about himself. So in some situations he can be intimidating and he can easily steamroll people. Because if he throws out his ideas they often times sound better to those people than their own. So what he does is he sets up this pattern interrupt this very specific sentence that he asked people to say to him when that happens that kind of snaps him out of that situation that he's in and puts him into the right frame of mind to realize that he is kind of a rolling over somebody and not allowing them to give their very valuable input into a situation.

Not too long after I had this conversation I was actually watching a TV show that my daughter has found that she really likes and some of you may be familiar with it. I believe it's called Cesar 911 and so this dog trainers, he actually calls himself I believe a dog psychologist Cesar Millan, really gets into the account of behavioral patterns and Psychology around the way animals working in particular dogs. One of the things that he does really stuck out to me which is it was very excitable or even aggressive dogs he does this little tap with his foot. And so when this animal is kind of exhibiting this excited Behavior whether it's just an over excitement and a happy feeling at that dog is having where they just kind of going crazy or whether it's an aggressive sensation that that dog is experiencing he taps them with his foot. Not to punish them, not to hurt them but to snap their brain out of that sensation and that feeling in that emotional state so that he can reset how that animal is feeling and actually put them into a more calm and relaxed state. I thought this was really interesting because this is almost exactly what my friend that I was talking to is doing but he's asking somebody else to do that for him. Because he can't see himself doing that, because he's not the external person in this situation, he's asked other people to essentially tap him so that it knocks him out of a pattern that he has and he can reset and he can make a conscious decision to change the way he's acting and change the way he is setting up that situation for other people.

So here is what I want to challenge you with today: if you have a pattern of behavior, and you may need to ask somebody about what this pattern is because often times these aren't things that were very aware of because they come natural to us or because there's something that's been ingrained over the years that we don't recognize. First of all I ask somebody if they can identify one of these patterns of behavior for you and then work with them or spend some time thinking about how you can set up a trigger to get rid of this pattern, how you can interrupt this pattern and replace it with something that you really want to see as your new behavior.

As always I'd love to hear from you guys and hear what those patterns are that you started to recognize and how you're going to interrupt those and replace it with a new behavior.

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