The Process of Elimination - Figuring Out What You Don't Want to Do - #026


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For some people, discovering their passion or their calling is less about identifying the single thing they want to focus on and more about figuring out what they don't want to do. Seeing as it is Monday, I want to encourage and motivate you by letting you know that if this where you, you're not alone and you aren't on the wrong path!


It is Monday January 8th and I'm Josh Newton.

Welcome to the I'm Josh Newton show where it is all about putting your potential into practice. Today I want to talk about the process of elimination.

In a past episode I did about the differences between specialists and generalists I talked a little bit about the difference between people who have a very clear understanding of what it is that they want to do at a young age, and others who oftentimes take some time or need some exploration to really figure out what that is. Now this isn't just specific to a specialist or generalist you might be a specialist but you haven't really found what that single thing is there really gets your attention and really get your juices flowing.

For a lot of people really understanding what it is that you should be doing understanding that career that you want to have for the rest of your life or that thing that you're really really passionate about is actually a process of elimination. A conversation I had the other day made me think of this idea again. The reason it came to mind was because I was talking it about where I've been the things that I've done and a little bit of my kind of professional history end, I remembered that I often describe my journey of my path to figuring out what it is that I really like. Not as figuring out what I want to do but is a pathan as a history of finding out what I don't want to do.

As I have more and more these conversations with people and as I dig into self-awareness and identifying strengths with people often times, people seem to resonate with this idea of not figuring out what it is that you like to do or figuring out what it is you should be doing, but actually taking this more as a journey as a path of figuring out the things that you don't want to do.

So as some Monday motivation I just want to encourage you that if you're on a path of more figuring out what it is you don't want to do and understanding what things in life don't motivate you aren't your passion. You're not necessarily on the wrong path. There are a lot of people who really resonate with this idea of figuring out what you don't want to do or having it be a process of elimination versus actually identifying that single thing that gets your attention.

As always guys I would love to hear what you think. Have you experienced this similar thing where you're born on the process of elimination or more in a journey of finding out what it is you don't like to do? Or are you somebody who's really known for a long time exactly what you should be doing?

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